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International Dahlia Park

Hello! How are you? These days, don’t you get tired because of the summer heat? Don’t forget to drink lots of liquids!

Now, I’d like to tell you about a nice place in Akita. It is the International Dahlia Park in Yuwa Area, Akita City. It is within a 10-minute driving distance of Akita Airport. If you like, you can visit it soon after arriving in Akita.

Do you know what a dahlia is? It is a composite flower and has many varieties. It varies widely from cute to gorgeous, so you can enjoy finding your favorites! 
I want you to experience how amazing the view of dahlias in full bloom is.

I recommend eating lunch at the restaurant located on the nearby hill. You can also eat soft-serve ice cream there, which is nice to have on a hot day.

You can see the dahlias from the middle of August through early November.
How about visiting the International Dahlia Park if you come to Akita during that time?

“International Dahlia Park”
Opening hours : sunrise to dark (middle of August through early November)
Admission fee : Adults are 400 yen /under 15 year are free
Address : Yuwa Aza Myouhou Nukazuka 21, Akita City, Akita Prefecture
Tell : 018-886-2969







    〒011-0937 秋田県秋田市寺内高野10-33 TEL 018-845-4111 FAX 018-845-4222
    〒011-0937 秋田県秋田市寺内高野10-33
    TEL 018-845-4111 FAX 018-845-4222

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