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Chokaisan Wooden Toy Museum

Hi everyone! 

We would like to introduce some appealing areas, food, and much more in Akita Prefecture. We’ll be posting new information regularly, so be sure to check in!

For our first post, we’ve chosen to introduce the “Chokaisan Wooden Toy Museum” in Yurihonjo City.

The museum building itself is an important cultural property, known as an Ayukawa Abolished Elementary School, which was originally built in 1954. Now it is an international exchange center and museum. There are two areas in the museum, one which is free and one which requires a small fee. These pictures were taken in the free area. You can enjoy the old-school Japanese atmosphere and take advantage of many photogenic spots.

In the paid area, there are one hundred wooden toys available for kids to play with and a wooden acorn pit. 

You should definitely visit the “Chokaisan Wooden Toy Museum” with your friends and family when you come to Akita!
“Chokaisan Wooden Toy Museum”
Opening Hours: 9 a. m. ~ 4 p. m.
Closed Thursday and New Year Holidays
Admission: Adults 1,800 yes/ Children 600 yen
Address: 65-1 Narusedai Machimura Yurihonjo City, Akita 015-0363 Japan
Tel: 0184-74-9070


今回紹介するのは由利本荘市にある「鳥海山 木のおもちゃ美術館」です!
開館時間 9時00分~16時00分
休館日     毎週木曜日 年末年始
入館料    おとな 800円  こども 600円
住所         秋田県由利本荘市町村鳴瀬台65-1
電話番号 0184-74-9070

    〒011-0937 秋田県秋田市寺内高野10-33 TEL 018-845-4111 FAX 018-845-4222
    〒011-0937 秋田県秋田市寺内高野10-33
    TEL 018-845-4111 FAX 018-845-4222

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