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〜 Entotsu 〜

Hello! Today I'd like to introduce a long-standing restaurant in Odate City, which was established 40 years ago. The name of the restaurant is “Entotsu”, which means chimney in Japanese.

As the restaurant name suggests, the building has a large chimney. ”Entotsu style” hamburger and spaghetti is delicious spaghetti with plenty of white sauce and grilled hamburger steak. The rice omelet is a popular menu item.

With table and counter seating available, it’s easy to visit with family and friends or by yourself.

There are also many desserts, so it is not only a place for dinner but also for relaxing.

This restaurant does take-out orders, so you can have delicious food anywhere.

It's about a 5-minute drive from Higashi-Odate Station! Please come here for a break when sightseeing in Odate City.

【Store name】
29 Osugi-Etsuri Odate City,Akita Pref.Japan
【Business hours】  
09:00am~10:00pm(Saturday and Sunday)
Last order  09:00pm
Every Monday (Tuesday if Monday is national holiday)







ラストオーダー 21:00

    〒011-0937 秋田県秋田市寺内高野10-33 TEL 018-845-4111 FAX 018-845-4222
    〒011-0937 秋田県秋田市寺内高野10-33
    TEL 018-845-4111 FAX 018-845-4222

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